simple 4-step process

1. Register on binance

To receive your 10% cashback, you must register on binance with our referral ID 10936868
We recommend that you reach the official website without using any third-party redirection to protect from phishing attempt: Go on, click on register (top right of the screen), then paste our referral ID in the 4th box named Referral ID ( optional )

Go to 2. Register here

2. Register here

To calculate your cashback we only need two things: the first two characters of your email used to register on Binance and your Binance trading history. Register here to obtain a private link to enter this information as well as an ethereum public address for your cashback payments. This can be updated anytime.

Go to 3. We collect a share of your trading fees

3. We collect a share of your trading fees

Every trade on Binance has a small trading fee. We currently* receive 20% of those fees and share 50% back with you as cashback.
In plain English, for $100 worth of trading fees, Binance keeps $80, receives $20, and your cashback will be $10.

Go to 4. We share the fees with you

4. We share the fees with you

Your cashback will be sent automatically on the 1st day of the month to your selected ethereum address if your cashback balance is at least 0.005 eth. Any unpaid balance is kept and will be paid as soon as you reach the minimum balance. We will send an email reminder for you to upload your trading history.

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