28 October, 2017

Binance Review

Why use Binance.com for your crypto trading?

For us, the answer is down to the basics: Binance has high liquidity and very low trading fees. If you start using BNB to pay for fees, which is handled automatically by Binance as long as you own BNB in your trading account, you have a 50% discount on the trading fees. This is done under your account settings on Binance.

By default, the trading fees are 0.1% for both market makers and market takers. This is already very low, when you compare it to Bittrex’s 0.25% for instance. However, this is further reduced by the “BNB trick” to 0.05%. Finally, by using BinanceReferral.com, the cashback brings your trading fees to 0.045%. We do believe that the only way to beat that kind of fees is with decentralised exchanges using ZRX such as ethfinex or Radar Relay, but this will take several months before they reach Binance’s liquidity and ease of use.

Finally, they already have 100 coins listed and this number is constantly growing. Try BinanceĀ and we are convinced it will become a staple to your trading tools in no time!

Withdrawal and Deposits

Nothing exceptional here, the usual 30 Blocks confirmation period for ERC 20 tokens and withdrawals are fast. We recommend activating 2FA of course for the website to avoid phishing/hacks. Finally, you can withdraw up to 2 BTC per day without KYC.

Interface and usability

Globally very good, the website is fluid and the trading experience is great. They have two display layouts and an iPhone/android app:

Pro trading layout

Basic trading layout

Binance iPhone App


If you are looking for a website to trade tokens/crypto, this is a really strong option. I was using Liqui before but I am gradually switching to Binance for the aforementioned reasons. Give it a try with our special cashback offer and you will not regret it!