February 2018: Reported to March due to Binance Maintenance and low fees

No two months are alike in crypto! The most active traders amongst you will have noticed that in early February, Binance had a maintenance that lasted several days.

As a way to apologise, they have offered a 70% discount on all trading commission for two weeks (9 until 24 February).

With the discount applied, traders pay 0.03% commission and 0.015% when they own BNB. Since we give you a 10% cashback, this means that you would get 0.003% cashback at best during these two weeks. This is extremely low.

The situation is therefore as follow:

  • First couple days in February: no trading
  • Following two weeks: extremely low fees, creating virtually no cashback
  • Last 4 days of February: fees back to normal

With these in mind, we think only the biggest traders would be able to generate 0.005 ether worth of cashback in February and therefore we have decided to skip the month of February and will be processing the next cashback payments in March instead.* We will send a reminder in a month for you to upload your trading history.

To be clear, all trades performed in February will still be entitled to cashback, but they are likely to contribute very little and will therefore be processed in March to make for a bigger payment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get back to us.

Kind regards,


* If you believe you have managed to generate 0.01 ether in trading fees this month and would like us to process the cashback regardless, please upload your trading history as normal and contact us.

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