January 2018: $200 per member on average

In January, we have seen Binance reduce their referral offer from 50% to 20%. Quite a hit, but that did not stop our members from trading, and they have been even more active than last month! We would like to share a few insights on what our members have earned while keeping their privacy in mind. The intention is clear: prove that we are trustworthy, which is very important to us.

The average cashback increased from $100 in December to $200 in January. In ether, however, that’s an increase from 0.13 to 0.172 (+32%), which is still impressive! The biggest cashback this month sets a new record at $2900 or 2.43 eth..! Whoever you are, it’s great to have you on BinanceReferral!


If you want to join our growing user base and get some cashback from your Binance trading fees, head over to the homepage, create a Binance account with our referral link, and start trading. We will then ask you to upload your trading history once a month to calculate your cashback, which will be sent directly to the ethereum address of your choice.

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