23 November, 2017

How to download and submit your Binance Trading History

In order to calculate how much cashback you are due, we must combine all the trades you made on Binance, then find out the fee we received from your trade, and finally give you half as cashback.

Binance shows the last 100 transactions of our referees. At the beginning of BinanceReferral, this was fine, but we are victim of our own success and sometimes they are too many transactions happening in a short amount of time and we miss some.

To counter that, we ask that you submit your Binance trading history because it tells us how much fee you have generated.

We will continue to collect our own data on our clients’ transactions and this will be used to prevent falsifying records (for example changing your trading history to get more cashback). If you are caught changing your trading history, you will receive no cashback from BinanceReferral

1) Downloading your trading history

  1. Log in to your Binance account with your computer
  2. Navigate to the Orders page
  3. Click on Export Complete Trade HistoryAn excel spreadsheet will start downloading. You can see that the Fee is shown as well. This is how much trading fee you paid to Binance. We currently receive 20% as a commission, and we give you 50% of that commission. You therefore will receive 10% of the number shown on the red box below (Figure 2). The cashback will be paid in ethereum, even if the fee is not in ethereum. We will convert at the best available rate on Binance just before the cashback is paid.
orders tab Binance

Figure 1: Find the Trade History page.

Figure 2: Export your trading history

2) Uploading your trading history on your personal area

After downloading your trading history (TradeHistory.xlsx), you need to upload it on BinanceReferral.com

When you register on our website, you will receive a personal link (you can easily retrieve it as well on the register page). Return to your personal link to upload your trading history by simply dragging the excel spreadsheet on the bottom of the page in the designated area.

Important: When uploading your trading history, the form will ask for your email address. Make sure you use the same email address as the one you used to register on BinanceReferral. You can see it at the top of your private link: you can thus copy and paste that email:

copy email

Figure 3: This is the email address you used to register – we suggest you copy this email …


Figure 4: and paste it here.


Figure 5: Make sure you always use the same email address when submitting your trading history.


3) Upload your trading history at least once a month!

As the months go by, your trading history will become very big. This is not something you need to worry about. Just make sure you download your entire trading history, and upload it before the last day of the month on your personal area. We will make ensure all your trades receive the right cashback.


Happy trading on Binance!